Program January 2009
Date: Band: Description:
Fri: 02-01 De Biet Sixties night special
Sat: 03-01 Wolfpin (Marcel Sherpenzeel) Een van de betere gitaristen van Nederland
Wed: 07-01 Band Stand o.l.v. Info Nico div bands  
Fri: 09-01 Old School Punk live: X Offenders (Ramones) Yawp (The Clash) Uit de Sloot (The Ruts)
Sat: 10-01 The Breeze Rock
Wed: 14-01 Rock 'n Roll Nico and friends  
Fri: 16-01 Channel Red Rock a Billy birtday party
Sat: 17-01 Reggea recipe presents: The One Droppers Original Jamaican Boogie
Tue: 20-01 Studenten sessie o.l.v. V.S.P.A.  
Wed: 21-01 Hector Watt & The Midnight Ramblers Texas rocking blues Entree € 5,00
Fri: 23-01 Boogaloo Party with: Juice box Raw soul band with the sound of the legendary stax label
Sat: 24-01 Bluesenz Blues, Bluesrock
Wed: 28-01 Black Hen Package (Singer Song Writher Eve) Steve Dawson, Old Man Ludecke and
Shuyler Jansen Entree € 5,00
Fri: 30-01 John Carrie & Moor Green and special guest  
Sat: 31-01 Glam Rock Party with: The Bastardz of Glitter and support act


Program February 2009
Date: Band: Description:
Wed: 04-02 Band Stand o.l.v. Rock 'n Roll: Nico div bands  
Fri: 06-02 BlueGrass Boogiemen Authentieke Bluegrass
Sat: 07-02 Reggea Dancehall Explosion live with: Osagyefo and the Royal Roost Band, Sound system,  Entree € 7,50
Sun: 08-02 Kleveland (Led by spitfire-siren Stephanie Smith,)Sound like's''Julliette and the Licks'',Pretenders,or Blondie Aanvang 22.00 Entree € 5,00
Wed: 11-02 Rock 'n Roll Nico super session div: suprise acts
Fri: 13-02 The Pastrelli's Rock 'n Roll, Rock a Billy
Sat: 14-02 Asian Night with: Bebas Band
Tue: 17-02 Studenten session o.l.v. V.S.P.A.  
Wed: 18-02 Session o.l.v. Archie  
Thu: 19-02 The Mahones Canada's 1 Irish Punk Rockers Entree € 5,00
Fri: 20-02 Tjendol Sunrise Rock 'n Roll, Indo Rock
Sat: 21-02 The Soul Prophets Maloe Melo's soul club
Mon: 23-02 Wheels on Fire Sixties (U.S.A.) Entree € 5,00
Wed: 25-02 Session o.l.v. Archie
Thu: 26-02 Boys named Sue (Birthday Johnny Cash )
Fri: 27-02 The Wildcats Teddy Boys Rock a Billy
Sat: 28-02 Los Tiki Boys  


Program March 2009
Date: Band: Description:
Wed: 04-03 Band Stand o.l.v. Rock 'n Roll: Nico div bands  
Fri: 06-03 El Rio Trio (New CD is out) Rock 'n Roll, Rock a Billy
Sat: 07-03 Blues Motel Blues, Bluesrock
Wed: 11-03 Nico's Super Session  
Thu: 12-03 Bandjes avond, Particolare  
Fri: 13-03 J.P.R.Strinx Band Rock, Rhythm & Blues
Sat: 14-03 Wolfpin (feat: Marcel Scherpenzeel) CD Presentatie
Mon: 16-04 Animal records present: No Rules Blues (Bosnia) Entree € 5,00
Tue: 17-03 Studenten session o.l.v. V.S.P.A.  
Wed: 18-03 Elementric (Reggae/Elektro) Trip (Dance/Rock) Entree € 5,00
Thu: 19-03 Psyllibilly present: Trigger Effect (Punk Canada Friends ot the White Cowbells)
Huig (Punk Holland) & Psylli Billy Dj's  Aanvang 22.00 uur Entree € 5,00
Fri: 20-03 Juice box Super Soul Band
Sat: 21-03 Amsterdam Beat Club Present: Big Jay McNeely and band o.a. Rinus Groeneveld and the Beat Club Dj's Aanvang 21.00 uur Entree € 15,00
Wed: 25-03 Session o.l.v. Archie  
Fri: 27-03 Los Tiki Boys Surf
Sat: 28-03 Reggae Recipe Live: Flight 404 (Ska Rocksteady) DJ's Mr.Moodisc & Flavio Bacardi
Entree € 7,00
Sun: 29-03 John Miller and his Country Casuals, Special Guest Misisipi Mike Wolf


Program April 2009
Date: Band: Description:
Wed: 01-04 Band Stand o.l.v. Rocking Nico div bands  
Fri: 03-04 Sleazy Rock 'n Roll Night: Ams m.o.f.o.s &  Black Bottle Riot & Dj Annelies
Sat: 04-04 The Apollo's (Soul Trio Like/Jamesd Brown, Dr John)
Mon: 06-04 Psyllibilly present: Roy and the Devils Motorcycle from Voodoo Rhythm Records (Zwitserland) & Psyllibilly Dj's  Aanvang 22.00 uur Entree € 5,00
Wed: 08-04 Session o.l.v. Archie (Something Rude)  
Fri: 10-04 Mike Mok & the Em-Tones (if you like Quentin Tarantino)  Rock 'n Roll, Rock a Billy, Surf
Sat: 11-04 Los Tiki Boys Surf
Wed: 15-04 The Apple Jakcs, The Boogie Parkers en The Dust Aanvang 22.00 uur Entree € 5,00
Fri: 17-04 Amsterdam Beatclub Present: Dee Ann & the Nightcaptains & Dj's Charley Rhythm &
Pete Slovenly 
Sat: 18-04 The Herb Spectacles Tijuana Mariachi
Tue: 21-04 Studenten session o.l.v. V.S.P.A.  
Wed: 22-04 Session o.l.v. Archie (Something Rude)  
Fri: 24-04 Bacon & Eggs 60 & 70 jaren muziek
Sat: 25-04 The Anacondas Surf
Wed: 29-04 Something Rude Rock, Blues and Soul Entree € 5,00
Thu: 30-04 Oranje Party with live: Artery Entree € 5,00


Program May 2009
Date: Band: Description:
Fri: 01-05 Truckerparty with: The Sixtyniners, Blind Bob, The Grillplate Dj's Dirty Job, Bertman
Sat: 02-05 Birthdayparty Leen & Andree live: The Outsiders & Friends Entree € 10,00
Tue: 05-05 Bevrijdingspop met: Carolyn Wonderland & Band Aanvang 22.00 uur Entree € 5,00
Wed: 06-05 Bandstand met Vinq, The Special Guests, Naga, Devils Miles Foundation After 24 hour Rocking Nico & band
Fri: 08-05 The Mahones Irish Punk
Sat: 09-05 Fleurs du Mal Blues, Rhythm & Blues (Italy)
Wed: 13-05 Bonnie Parker, Black Bandit Aanvang 22.00 uur Entree € 5,00
Fri: 15-05 Mission 5 Rock (Portland U.S.A.) Remember Kleveland
Sat: 16-05 Wolfpin (feat: Marcel Scherpenzeel) Bluesrock
Tue: 19-05 Studenten session o.l.v. V.S.P.A.
Fri: 22-05 Hifi Apartment feat: Mylene dela Haye en Rinus Groeneveld, Rob Bronsema, Frank de Louw,
Emanuel Wiemansen, Niels Meier invloeden: Stax,Chess,Atlantic
Sat: 23-05 Reggae Recipe Live: 2 top bands uit (Austin Texas) The Stingers & Contra Coup
Reggea, Rocksteady Entree € 7,00
Fri: 29-05 De Hik Sixties party
Sat: 30-05 Roots Reggea and Dancehall Explosion Live: Osagyefo & 90 Degree Sound, Special: Double O Entree € 7,50


Program June 2009
Date: Band: Description:
Wed: 03-06 Bandstand o.l.v. Rocking Nico  
Fri: 05-06 Magic Sem Blues band  
Sat: 06-06 !Out of sight! Live: The Waistcoast Beat, Garage, Surf, Dj's o.a. Anna Vodka
Wed: 10-06 Session o.l.v. Archie (Something Rude)  
Fri: 12-06 K.C.Credit & The Cashiers 100% Johnny Cash
Sat: 13-06 Bebas Pop, Reggae, R & B, Rock 'n Roll (Indonesian)
Tue: 16-06 Studenten session o.l.v. V.S.P.A.  
Wed: 17-06 Pep and More Cowbell Entree € 5,00
Fri: 19-06 Beyond Lickin & Drugs Mokkel Garage, Punk
Sat: 20-06 Amsterdam Beatclub Live: 2 Bars 2 Dj's 2 Bands: Blue Moon Special & The Westhell 5
Entree € 7,00
Tue: 23-06 Amsterdam Beatclub Live: Gonn! (the all orginal 1967 line up!) 60's Garage (U.S.A.)
Entree € 10,00
Wed: 24-06 The Last Attraction Chanson Noir Entree € 5,00
Fri: 26-06 Boys Named Sue Johnny Cash tribute
Sat: 27-06 Studenten avond Liber  


Program July 2009
Date: Band: Description:
Wed: 01-07 Bandstand: The Jackies, Anomynus ea o.l.v. Rocking Nico
Fri: 03-07 Rock 'n Roll night  
Sat: 04-07 Juice box Soul, Boogaloo and Dj's
Tue: 07-07 Liza's Suprise Birthday party  
Wed: 08-07 Lunation Soul, Pop, Blues Entree € 5,00
Fri: 10-07 The Tin Cans Rock a Billy
Sat: 11-07 BluesMotel 100% Blues and Bluesrock
Wed: 15-07 Artery, The Promorians Entree € 5,00
Fri: 17-07 Jitterbug (CD presentatie) Rock 'n Roll
Sat: 18-07 JPR Strinxband Rock
Wed: 22-07 Live session  
Fri: 24-07 Lee & the Sundowners Rock a Billy (U.K.)
Sat: 25-07 Gassoline Rock (ex Henderson, Nitwitz)  
Wed: 29-07 Live session  
Fri: 31-07 Los Tiki Boys Surf special & Dj Meera


Program August 2009
Date: Band: Description:
Sat: 01-08 Bebas Rock, Pop (Indonesia)
Wed: 05-08 Bandstand o.l.v. Rocking Nico  
Fri: 07-08 Elvis & the Burger Kings Rock 'n Roll
Sat: 08-08 Rocking Nico & The Cruisers Rock
Sun: 09-08 Polka Madre (Mexico)
Fri: 14-08 The Surfaders Surf
Sat: 15-08 Something Rude Rock, Soul, Blues
Fri: 21-08 Out of the floor live: Mods Night Long Tall Shorty (U.K.) & Dj's Anna Vodka, The Shake
Sat: 22-08 The Shuffle Kings 100% Blues
Sun: 23-08 Knuclebone Oscar (Finland)
Tue 25-08 Muzikale Kasbah Diversen muziek stijlen
Wed: 26-08 Muzikale Kasbah Diversen muziek stijlen
Fri: 28-08 Lil' Esther and her Tinstars Rock a Billy, Country, Rock 'n Roll
Sat: 29-08 The Moonhawks Power Blues


Program September 2009
Date: Band: Description:
Tue: 01-09 Muzikale Kasbah Diversen muziek stijlen
Wed: 02-09 Bandstand o.l.v. Rocking Nico  
Fri: 04-09 The Mystery Trainconductors Jazz, Billy
Sat: 05-09 Vic Ruggiero (De frontman van de Ska band the Slackers) Solo optreden
Wed: 09-09 Punk Kasbah Diversen
Fri: 11-09 Glitter Punk Party Live: Basardz of Glitter & X Offenders
Sat: 12-09 Sixties Kasbah Diversen
Tue: 15-09 Studenten session o.l.v. V.S.P.A.  
Fri: 18-09 Rock & Blues Kasbah Diversen
Sat: 19-09 Greyhound Blues Band  
Wed: 23-09 Kasbah Diversen & Afterparty The Madd  
Fri: 25-09 Suger Ray Dog Band (Italy)
Sat: 26-09 Reggae Recipe Live: The Delegators (U.K.) & Dj's
Mon: 28-09 The Knattertones (Punk Ska from Berlijn) Aanvang 21.30 uur Entree € 5.00
Tue: 29-09 Muzikale Kasbah Diversen muziek stijlen
Wed: 30-09 Muzikale Kasbah Diversen muziek stijlen


Program October 2009
Date: Band: Description:
Fri: 02-10 Muzikale Kasbah Diversen 60-70-80 jaren muziek
Sat: 03-10 Counrty Kasbah Diversen
Tue: 06-10 Johnny Casino & the Secrets Rock from Austin Texas Entree € 5.00
Wed: 07-10 Bandstand o.l.v. Rocking Nico Aanvang 21.30 uur
Thu: 08-10 Surf Kasbah Aanvang 21.30 uur
Fri: 09-10 Roy P-Cat & the V 8 Daddy'  Rock ’n Roll, Rock a Billy
(Roy is de ouwe frontman van the Rumble Cats)
Sat: 10-10 The Pussywarmers Rock
Wed: 14-10 Indie/alternatieve/td> Punk Rock Kasbah
Thu: 15-10 Soul Kasbah Aanvang 21.30 uur
Fri: 16-10 Rock ’n Roll Kasbah Diversen
Sat: 17-10 Garage Rock Kasbah  
Tue: 20-10 Studenten session o.l.v. V.S.P.A.  
Wed: 21-10 Rock Kasbah Aanvang 21.30 uur
Thu: 22-10 Off Topic Ska Entree € 5.00 Aanvang 21.30 uur
Fri: 23-10 Lonsome Wally Old Timey band in spirit of Hackesaw Boys
Sat: 24-10 The Display Tear & Rolf de Band Punk, Ska
Tue: 27-10 Singer/Songwriter Bluegrass Kasbah Aanvang 21.30 uur
Thu: 29-10 Bonnie Parker Rock Entree € 5.00 Aanvang 21.30 uur
Fri: 30-10 Night of the Blues Kasbah  
Sat: 31-10 Halloween costume party


Program November 2009
Date: Band: Description:
Tue: 03-11 Kasbah met Laagwater, Grandma's l.p. en session
Wed: 04-11 Bandstand o.l.v. Rocking Nico  
Thu: 05-11

Texas Sweet Hot Trio

(Austin Texas) Entree € 5.00
Fri: 06-11 Carolyn Wonderland Birthday Party with the Wonder Chickens Doug Sahm tribute
Entree € 5.00
Sat: 07-11 Out on the floor Ska, Beat, Nothernsoul, Britpop Live: Mark & the Spies Entree € 5.00
Mon: 09-11

Carolyn Wonderland Birthday Party

Tue: 10-11 Kasbah met: Double Sharp, Before Dawn en session
Wed: 11-11 Boogie Parkers (met voor programma) Entree € 5.00
Thu: 12-11 Birthday Party November  Gray session  
Fri: 13-11 Juicebox 100% soul (with special guest)  
Sat: 14-11 Gaynel Hodge & Band was in de 50er jaren een van de oprichters van wereld beroemde band: The Platters Entree € 7.00
Tue 17-11 Studenten session o.l.v. V.S.P.A.  
Wed: 18-11 Kasbah met: Kiki, Pep en session  
Thu: 19-11 Kasbah met: Les Bif, Tecs, Dead mouse walking
Fri: 20-11 Kasbah met: El Rio Trio Rock a Billy
Sat: 21-11 Amsterdam Beatclub Live: the best night ever: 2 deejay booths / 7 deejays / 3 instrumental bands!
Live: Phantom Four (Surf & OriŽntal), WestHell 5 (ModJazz, Spy & Vegas Grind),
The Anacondas (Surf & Jungle Exotica)
Deejays: Ir.Vendermeulen / Charley Rhythm / De Pep / Marquee / De Krab / Johnny Torpedo / Doctor Bikini Aanvang 22.00 uur tot 04.00 uur Entree € 8.00
Tue: 24-11 Kasbah met: Vulgarettes, Kelvinarors en session
Wed: 25-11 Morblus (One of the best bluesbands of italy) Entree € 5.00
Thu: 25-11 Make Up session na 23.30 free entree Entree € 5.00
Thu: 26-11 The Epstein Aanvang 23.30 uur entree € 5.00 
Fri: 27-11 Milwaukee Widmen en Support act Psychobilly
Sat: 28-11 Reggae dancehall bashment live: Osagyefo  


Program December 2009
Date: Band: Description:
Tue: 01-12 Kasbah: Chocolate Puppets, Jazzwecan  
Wed: 02-12 Bandstand o.l.v. Rock 'n Roll Nico  
Thu: 03-12 Porco Dio, Lockdown Entree € 5.00 and session
Fri: 04-12 The Boy's Named Sue Johnny Chash Tribute
Sat: 05-12 Rock 'n Roll Nico, + The baby boomers  
Tue: 08-12 Psylli billy's: "The battle of the bands" The Fuzz, Sabotage, Innit, The Mondegreens 
Wed: 09-12 Low budgetarians Reggea Entree € 5.00
Thu: 10-12 Spandex Cameltoe & Wally Says No  
Fri: 11-12 The Souldiers 100% Soul & Deejays
Sat: 12-12 The Beatzers & Friends  
Tue: 15-12 Studenten kerstsession o.l.v. V.S.P.A.  
Wed: 16-12 The Bad Movie Griekse Punk Entree € 5.00
Thu: 17-12 Kasbah: Baroq, Kirstin Rockfusion and session
Fri: 18-12 Jive for you live (Cd persentatie) Jump, Swing, Rock a Billy
Sat: 19-12 The Healers Blues, Bluesrock
Wed: 23-12 Prime Time en daarna session  
Thu: 24-12 Blues op kerstavond met: Bluesmotel  
    Beide kerstdagen zijn wij gesloten  
Tue: 29-12 Kasbah: Surfaders & Spaceguards Surf
Wed: 30-12 Kasbah: De Verwarring & The Dust Rock 'n Roll
Thu: 31-12 Out on the floor: Naughty New Years Party
Live bands: Bubbles, Snacks, The best deejays
2 Music Rooms € 17,50 pre sale on 01 December € 20,00 on new years night