Program June 1998
Date: Band: Description:
Fri:  12-06 Randy Rich and his Poor Boys Western Swing  + DJ Jan van Leeuwen
Sat:  13-06 Kevin Dave Band New Orleans Rhythm and Blues
Wed:  17-06 Up side Down - Rosa King Band Mystery guest: the queen of rhythm & Blues
Fri:  19-06 Asmodeus Psychobilly
Sat:  20-06 Guitar Fever Guitar Rock covers
Wed:  24-06 Decicated 70's Raw Punk CD-presentation
Fri:  26-06 Blue Voodoo Boppin Blues - Surf + DJ Jan van Leeuwen
Sat:  27-06 One Moore and a Break Rock Covers


Program July 1998
Date: Band: Description:
Wed:  01-07 Melody Line: Sabroso Salsa
Fri:   03-07 Momphert, Uit de Sloot Rock 
Sat:  04-07 The Blue Flames Hot Blues (Seattle - USA)
Wed:  08-07 Melody Line:  Nectar 2000  Rock
Fri:  10-07 Mischief! Rock-a-Billy 
Sat:  11-07 The Trail Blazers Texas Blues with lapsteel
Wed:  15-07 Melody Line: Beer Hunters Chicago Blues
Fri:  17-07 Blue Star Boys Rock-a-Billy (UK)
Sat:  18-07 The Blue Flames Hot Blues  (Seattle - USA)
Wed:  22-07 Melody Line: Die Watching Punk Core 
Fri:  24-07 Brezhnev Rock 
Sat:  25-07 Marcel Scherpenzeel Band Texas Blues 
Wed:  29-07 Melody Line: Off Road Band Rock
Fri:  31-07 The Seat Sniffers Boppin' Blues + Rock-a-Billy 


Program August 1998
Date: Band: Description:
Sat:  01-08 Mean Town Blues Band Blues Rock
Wed:  05-08 The Happy Freaky Family Happy Sixties
Fri:  07-08 Steve Hooker Rumble R&R, Rock-a-Billy, Twang (U:K:)
Sat:  08-08 Beyond the Blues Texas Blues
Wed:  12-08 Macamba Rocksteady, ska
Fri:  14-08 The Naturals Country rock
Sat:  15-08 Hurricane Blues Band Blues
Wed:  19-08 Blue Stingers Jump Blues
Fri:  21-08 Yellow Cookie Dutch J:L: Lewis - CD-presentation
Sat:  22-08 Cindy Peress Rock songs
Wed:  26-08 The Bullseye Revue Michelle Wilson, Preston Shannon,Long John Hunter
Fri:  28-08 The Barnstompers Rock-a-Billy, Western Swing
Sat:  29-08 Tribute to Rory Gallagher Various guitarplayers


Program September 1998
Date: Band: Description:
Tue:  01-09 Mean Town Blues Band Blues
Wed:  02-09 Nectar 2000 Rock
Thu:  03-09

Fat Chicken, Hanna & her Heroes, Dutch Comfort, Jan Muizer Band: Presentation: Belly de Wit 

Fri:  04-09 Ranch House Favourites Country & Western
Sat:  05-09 The Rooster and the Chicken Shit Rhythm & Blues
Wed:  09-09 G:O:H: Rock
Fri:  11-09 The Blue Moon Specials Jump & Jive
Sat:  12-09 Real Man Don't Dance Blues Rock
Tue:  15-09 Melody Line: Beer Hunters Chicago Blues
Wed:  16-09 Temple Ray Country Rock (Austin, TX - USA)
Fri:  18-09 Rhythm Kings Rock-a-Billy
Sat:  19-09 Blues on the Flipside Blues
Wed:  23-09 Nightcats Rock
Fri:  25-09 Stacy Cats Rock-a-Billy
Sat:  26-09 Third Power Central Blues Rock (USA)
Wed:   30-09 Howard & The White Boys from supportband Buddy Guy (USA


Program October 1998
Date: Band: Description:
Fri:  02-10 Lazy Sunday Dream & Groupies Revenge Country Rock
Sat:  03-10 Sugar Mama Blues Rock
Wed:  07-10 Maloe Melo All Stars Blues Rock
Fri:  09-10 Alley Cats Rock-a-Billy
Sat:  10-10 Cold Sweat Rhythm & Blues
Wed:  14-10

3 year Anniversary Maloe Melo with Maloe Melo All Stars

Thu:  15-10 Jam Session Marcel  Sharp
Fri:  16-10 The Catyanks Rock & Roll from the 50's
Sat:  17-10 Outsider Ex-Outsiders, Sixties  try-out
Wed:  21-10 The Blue Stingers Rockin' the Blues
Fri:  23-10 Desperado's Red hot Rock & Roll (Berlin, Ger:)
Sat:  24-10 Moonhawks Blues Rock
Wed:  28-10 The Return of Emma Peel Rock
Fri:  30-10 The Reno Brothers Rock-a-Billy
Sat:  31-10 Halloween Party Wendy's ghostband - price best costume